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MaCon A Way Out of No Way: The Spirit Of A Gangster

“Macon a Way out of No Way: The Spirit of a Gangster“

RealityPoetry Inspiration...

Hailing from the inner city of Macon, Georgia, MR. BIGMANN Grier has embarked on a life journey of Inspiration guided by his own Spirit of a Gangster and drive to make a way out of no way and live with a positive purpose. With 'MACON A WAY OUT OF NO WAY: THE SPIRIT OF A GANGSTER, MR. BIGMANN Grier inspires an attuning with the true essence of a Gangster. This collection of inspirational RealityPoetry has been created to inspire the world to discover their own "Gangster", to encourage an optimistic thrive and inspire positive nobility within your own life.

'MACON A WAY OUT OF NO WAY: THE SPIRIT OF A GANGSTER is set to dispel the misconceptions of a Gangster as being dumb, idiotic and criminal. MR. BIGMANN Grier urges you not to be deceived by the cynics who through stereotypes disparage the true Spirit of a Gangster. Through his work, he sets to shed light on the true essence of a Gangster which emanates reverence, fearlessness, strength, and courage to face challenges and conquer each day. MR. BIGMANN Grier is a living example to the positive Gangster Spirit that does not seek an ignoble and pessimistic life; but who has used adversity to awaken a Spirit of positive nobility. This collection is set to inspire one to realize their Gangster within and align that Spirit with a drive to be powerful and live forever in noble Victory.

"For a Gangster in being is not a Man in being but a Spirit within being!"
- RealityPoet (Inspirer): MR. BIGMANN Grier



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"Believe in yourself everyday living life from the inside out. For the kingdom of God is within you! Meditate in faith!
Pray in faith! Live in faith!
Alliance your thoughts & emotions as one feeling wholeheartedly believing in your heart's desire. For then, all will be inspired from within your faith; you will reap in faith surely as you believe in faith."

Cartoon Graphic of MR.BIGMANN Grier