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Claim Your Aim: Exodus of a Closed-Mind RealityPhorism Sages (Vol. 1)

“Claim your Aim: Exodus of a Closed-Mind: RealityPhorism Sages Volume 1“

This is an extraordinary book of RealityPoetry Inspiration. Included are RealityPhorism Sages a term created by MR.BIGMANN Grier signifying "wise Inspirational reality aphorism".

Become motivated to Claim Your Aim achieving your purpose successfully. Meditate upon the sages expanding your thoughts from negative to positive.

MR.BIGMANN Grier's inspiring poetic genius provides an outlet to Exodus A Closed-Mind, stimulating your mind to positivitely open experiencing life optimistic. Focusing on family, prosperity aspiring, positive thinking, growth and attuning to the kingdom of God within.

Allow the power of encouragement to support your ambition to face the world self-reliant with self-esteem.

CLAIM YOUR AIM:EXODUS OF A CLOSED-MIND... Employing an open-mind!

" The one who can think ahead gets further in life; The one who can think outside the box explores the world to create a great life. "

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"Believe in yourself everyday living life from the inside out. For the kingdom of God is within you! Meditate in faith!
Pray in faith! Live in faith!
Alliance your thoughts & emotions as one feeling wholeheartedly believing in your heart's desire. For then, all will be inspired from within your faith; you will reap in faith surely as you believe in faith."

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