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Publishing Services in the USA and Internationally

Get Your Written Work Published

Are you an independent author of poetry, essays, children's books, or recipe books and desire to see your books published without submitting them to a traditional publishing house? Carlos "MR.BIGMANN" Grier of GMG LLC can help you attain your heart's desire of publishing your books with his expertise.

Self-publishing can be overwhelming, so let GMG LLC help. When you work with Grier Media Group LLC, you will receive effective guidance to get your books published.

Grier Media Group LLC offers various publishing services in the United States and internationally to help get you started. Choose a single service or purchase the full package to meet your needs. Look to MR.BIGMANN Grier for publishing services from Macon, GA:

Editing Services - Every good author deserves a great editor. A great editor refines your ideas, making them clearer to create prose or verse that flows gracefully, so your ideas stand out. Even the best-known authors have editors that help out by enhancing their words.

Formatting Services - Your written word deserves to look its best. With formatting services from our publishing house, your work appears in the same type font. Headings, subheads, and paragraphs stand out clearly to let readers know your intent. You know how clean and appealing a finished book is. Everything is consistent and orderly to make reading a pleasure. Rely on MR.BIGMANN Grier's publishing house to do this for your work.

Publishing Services - Sometimes, it seems everyone you know is writing a book. That makes it much harder to get published. However, you believe in what you've written and want to reach the eyes of others.  It is worthy — whether for education or entertainment. MR.BIGMANN Grier started this publishing house to do that — publish his works and those of deserving authors. Allow the world to enjoy your writing as much as you do.

Uploading Services - A book has plenty of pages that cannot be uploaded like a single-page document. Work with us to get your work to us cleanly, and count on us to see to the uploading for you.

Reality Poetry Inspiration Branded Books

Be inspired by MR.BIGMANN Grier's therapeutic poetry and other written works. His collection of poems helps build self-esteem and self-reliance and promotes the idea that true strength comes from being able to conquer oneself. These inspiring poems offer a cure for depressed teens and adults and give them the relief they need during these uncertain times.

Take, for example, his poem "You Are Somebody."

… Look in the mirror and say-
"I am Somebody!" …

Now walk confidently into the world to win you Somebody! …

Or "Yesterday Expired Inspiring Today's Hope"

… Yesterday's loss invigorates today's gain; Yesterday's plight inspires today's might. Today's morning expired yesterday's night.
Overcome yesterday today …

Take hope and inspiration from MR.BIGMANN Grier, who shows you what that you can get your work published, so you can contribute all you are and know for the betterment of our world.

Publishing Services in Macon, GA

Check out MR.BIGMANN Grier's written works.

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Cover Design in Macon, GA

"Macon a Way out of No Way: The Spirit of a Gangster"

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 Inspirational Quotes in Macon, GA

“Claim your Aim: Exodus of a Closed-Mind: RealityPhorism Sages Volume 1“

"Claim your Aim: Exodus of a Closed-Mind: RealityPhorism Sages Volume 1"

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All authors who work with GMG LLC own 100% copyright and receive 100% royalties from their work. GMG LLC takes no credit or royalties from authors' work.

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